Overview of MIHA

MIHA (Malaysian Industrial Hygiene Association) is a non-profit professional organization founded in May 2003. It is amongst the pioneer of its kind in South East Asia. With more than 100 members within its first year, it is successfully serving the needs of its members in promoting the field of Industrial Hygiene, providing education and training, forums for the exchange of ideas and information plus representing the interests of Industrial Hygienists and those they provide service for. MIHA is also an affiliate member of the International Occupational Hygiene Association (IOHA) in pursuit of international recognition and standing.

The History

The idea of having an association for Industrial Hygienists has been at the back of mind of many industrial hygienists in Malaysia. They have been discussing it many times whenever the opportunity arises during training sessions or events for the past few years. However, nobody dare to take the first step.

Sometime in June 2002, Evelyn Kuan informed Wan Sabrina of Dr. David Grantham’s interest to setup a Malaysia-based IH association with the help of IOHA (International Occupational Hygiene Association). He shared some tips on how to set up the association.

The first email was then sent to ten Industrial Hygienists on July 2002. With Dr. Jas Singh’s (attached to ModuSpec Risk Services at that time) support, the first informal meeting was held to set up the association in August 6th, 2002.

The meeting was attended by twelve people – Fadzil Osman, Wan Sabrina Wan Mohamad, Zainal Mubarik Zainuddin, Shamini Samuel, Rajesh Jackson, Dr. Jas Singh, Daryl Low, Chandran Sukumaran, Marina Zainal Farid, Azizin Zainudin, Keng Cheng Liew and Nik Uzaini. From then on, all of them worked very hard to get more support and started planning for the MIHA Formation Meeting.

In order to use the word “Malaysia” in the association’s name, the Formation meeting must be attended by at least seven (7) states representatives who lives and work in their represented state. The planned Formation Meeting on the 6th September was nearly cancelled due to last minute cancellation of expected representatives. However, Thony Badak (from Sarawak Shell) managed to fly in for the meeting, thus the quorum was met.

MIHA’s registration was submitted to the Selangor’s Registrar of Society on the 18th September, 2002. After months of waiting, MIHA’s registration was finally approved on the 30th May, 2003.

Now begins the new chapter in the making of Industrial Hygiene’s activity in Malaysia. The “real” work has finally begun – to fulfill MIHA’s vision to become the leader in promoting Industrial Hygiene in Malaysia.

Standing from left: Azizin, Shamini, Thiru, Sulaiman, Ivan Tan, GT Lim, Thony, Ramlan, Chandran, Loy, Nick Yin
Sitting from left: Marina, Rina, Zainal, Keng, Sabrina