About CPIH

The Certified Professional Industrial Hygienist, CPIH, is part of MIHA’s initiatives towards achieveing highest standard of Industrial Hygiene practice in Malaysia.   In view of the needs to have a comprehensive certification on the professional Industrial Hygiene practice, a task force was formed to work towards establishing the certification scheme tailored for Malaysian requirement and getting the program recognized and endorsed by the IOHA NAR Committee.  The program was finally recognized in October 2014.  The Task Force team who works towards the recognition was invited to sit in the CPIH Board, with certification of industrial hygiene professional as the main purpose.


Becoming certified in the field that we work in provides the satisfaction of knowing that we have been acknowledged for our knowledge and achievements.  CPIH recognises ethical professional conduct with continued maintenance and further development of professional expertise through recognised channels.


The CPIH Board is pleased to announce the following members as Certified Professional Industrial Hygienist, CPIH, under the Grandfathering Scheme, effective 1st September 2015.  All of them met the strict requirement in specific industrial hygiene education and number of years in industrial hygiene practice.  They may use the abbreviation “CPIH” after their name.

  1. Zainal Mubarik Zainuddin, CPIH
  2. Lim Geok Tian, CIH, CPIH
  3. Wan Sabrina Wan Mohamad, CIH, CPIH
  4. Azizin Zainudin , CPIH
  5. Norhazlina Mydin, CIH, CPIH
  6. Rina Cheong Ronaldin , CPIH
  7. Fadzil Osman, CPIH
  8. Md Idris Salim , CIH, CPIH
  9. Keng Cheng Liew, CIH, CPIH
  10. Zulfikar Said, CPIH
  11. Atika Anuar, CPIH
  12. Ir Haji Anuar Mohd Mokhtar, CPIH
  13. Marina Zainal Farid, CIH, CPIH
  14. Ang Yow Boon, CIH, CPIH
  15. Grace Boniface Deyoi, CIH, CPIH