MIHA Objective

Our Mission

The Malaysian Industrial Hygiene Association (MIHA) is an organization of professionals dedicated to:-

  • Promote the anticipation, identification, evaluation, and control of environmental factors, stressors arising in or from the workplace or its products in relation to the health or well-being of workers and the public
  • Increase the knowledge of Industrial Hygiene through sharing, interchanging and dissemination of information and to bring together individuals and organizations interested in the various areas of Industrial Hygiene and environment health fields
  • To promote the profession through encouragement of interest within the group and participation and cooperation with governmental, industrial, educational and other professional bodies
  • To collect and make accessible to all who engaged in Industrial Hygiene, such information and data that may assist them in the fulfillment of their duties
  • To contribute knowledge and expertise to needful organizations and industries where appropriate
  • To promote the professional field of Industrial Hygiene via providing education and training, plus forums for exchanging ideas and information amongst industrial hygienists and those they provide service for.

Our Vision

MIHA is gearing towards achieving and maintaining the highest standards of Industrial Hygiene via overseeing and professionally certifying Malaysia Industrial Hygienist. MIHA also wishes to promote certification by awarding certification points through a variety of MIHA and associated programmers in pursuit of continually educating Industrial Hygiene professionals.