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Applications will be reviewed by the Certification Board on a quarterly basis. The application form and all initial/additional documentation required for application under the CPIH must be received by 30th June.

Status of application will be informed by 1st August, where candidate will be required to sit for the Oral Examination during the following October. The oral examination fee must be paid 1 month prior to the planned oral examination date.



  • Application Fee  RM300
  • Re-application Fee  RM150
  • CPIH Oral Examination Fee  RM500
  • Annual Renewal Fee  RM100

There is an annual CPIH fee payable. CPIH’s not in good standing will have their certification revoked and lose the right to use the CPIH designation.

Candidates are required to pay a re-application fee should they not sit for the Oral Examination the same year of application or if candidates need to re-sit for the exam the following year. Following this, the normal application fee shall apply.

Submitted application, re-application, oral examination and annual renewal fees are non-refundable. All decisions of the CPIH board on review of application and oral examination is final.

Download the CPIH Application Form and submit your application to